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No.10 (March 2009)
War and Peace in the Democratic World: pour cela faire qui est juste soit fort Yoshihisa Hagiwara 1
The Scope of Public Membership Chikako Endo 13
Hispanic Immigrants and Bilingual Education after Proposition 227:
 A Case Study of Attitudes about Language and Culture in American Society
Hiromi Kobayashi 27
 Strengthening Australian Families and Communities:
 Case Studies of Projects Funded Under the Howard Government Family Policy
Tomoko Fujita 41
The Political Thought of John Dunn and Japan Ken Tsutsumibayashi 65
No.11 (January 2010)
The European Union and the Integration of Southeast Asia Alfredo C. Robles, Jr. 1
Extraterritorial Application of EU Competition Law -Is It Possible for Japanese Companies to Steer Clear of EU Competition Law? Chie Sato 23
La Différenciation Culturelle à L’épreuve ? une étude comparée des politiques éducatives destinées aux enfants d’immigrés en Angleterre et en France Seiko Oyama 49
Förderung der Rückkehr oder Integration der geduldeten Flüchtlinge? Die ambivalente Lage des Flüchtlingsschutzes Hideaki Sekino 69
Deliberative Democracy and its Implications for Environmental Politics Masakazu Matsumoto 91
Contributors 109
No.12 (March 2010)
Regional Differences of Social Consciousness in Egypt: Based on 2008 Egyptian Poll Survey Erina Iwasaki 1
Freedom of Information in the European Union: The Scope and Themes Kuo-lien Hsieh 27
Pornography and Civil Society: The Goods of Moral Arguments in Public Deliberation K. Numao 49
Indian Government Strategy against Caste Inequality: “Liberating” Untouchables in the Context of Welfare Schemes Maya Suzuki 65
Adult Generativity for the Socialization of Children: Exchanges between Aged Persons and Children in Japanese Local Communities Yoh Maruyama 85


Past Imaginations, Persisting Problems: Revisiting the United Nations University Project on Global Ethos

Ken Tsutsumibayashi 103
Contributors 131
No.13 (October 2010)  
Comparing Directional Model and Proximity Model of Issue Voting: Tests in Japan Naoko Taniguchi 1
Public Opinion about Neighboring Countries: Russia and Japan in Students' Imaginations Larisa Zhilina 29
Provider, Helper, or Free Rider?: Gender Structure and Gender Inequality in Household Labor in East Asia Pi-chun Hsu 49
Gender Role Division in Japan and Korea: The Relationship between Realities and Attitudes Jihey Bae 71
Liberty, Providence and Participation: Free Will and Moral Perfection in the Cambridge Platonists Kenjiro Harata 87

Research Notes

Discourses on Human Trafficking in the UK: An Analysis of the Joint-Committee on Human Rights 2005-06

Kimiko Kuga 107
Rethinking Political Theory in the Wake of China's Rise Ken Tsutsumibayashi 121
Contributors 127
No.14 (March 2011)  
What Greece Teaches us about Democracy Sahoko Kaji 1
The Historical Thought of Joseph de Maistre (1753-1821) Carolina Armenteros 17
Civil Society Organizations and Changes in Female Marriage Migrants in Rural Japan Satoko Takeda 33
"Would They be Lazier or Work Harder Given Free Money?": The Namibia BIG Pilot Project and the Possibility of Basic Income as a Strategy of Social Cooperation Masahiko Suzuki 53
Thomas Mann on Irrationality and Truth Yoshiko Hayami 81
Contributors 99
No.15 (September 2011)  
"This Culture of Ours" Politices, Confucianism, and East Asian Identities Mon-Han Tsai 1
Public Opinion and Deterrence: An Evolutionary Game Theoretic Study of the Israeli Policy toward Lebanon Shingo Hamanaka 21
Workplace Democracy and Distributive Justice: On the Place of Distributive Principles of Justice in the Arguments for Workplace Democracy Shin Osawa 51
Extra-Judicial Killings in Democratic Nigeria vis-a-vis the Rule of Law: An Overview Balkisu Saidu 71
Civil Service System under Conditions of Low Labor Mobility: Case Study of Britain and Korea Yuuki Oda 99

Research Notes

On a New Method for Content Analysis of TV News: The 2010 House of Councillors Election as an Example

Takeshi Kohno 121
Contributors 133
No.16 (May 2012)  
Preface to the Special Issue on the EAP Tokyo Workshop Ken Tsutsumibayashi 1
From Sheng Min 生民 to Si Min 四民 : Social Changes in Late Imperial China Tze-Ki Honi 11
How Had the Status of "the People" been Changed in Choson (朝鮮) Period of Korea? Hee-Tak Koh 33
A Nation and A People? Notes toward a Conceptual History of the Terms Minzoku 民族 and Kokumin 國民 in Early Meiji Japan Michael Burtscher 47
Conceptual Transformation, Identity Formation and Political Membership in Modern Korea - Kokumin (國民), Inmin (人民), Minjok (民族), and Simin (市民) Myoung-Kyu Park 107

Theorizing Citizenship in Modern China

Robert Culp 123

Give Peace a Chance

Yoshihisa Hagiwara 149

Village Citizenship in Contemporary China: The Case of Zhejiang

Baogang He 165



No.17 (October 2012)

The Church and War: Contemporary Anglican Reflections on War and Morality Kenjiro Harata 1
A Changing Party System in Once Typical Two-Party Politics: Analysis of the British General Election in May 2010 Kazuaki Nagatomi
Basic Income and Justice: Revisiting Van Parijs's Idea of Job as Assets Shin Osawa 45
Eric Voegelin's Vienna: The Crisis of Democracy in the Austrian First Republic Yoshihiko Takahashi 57

Protecting and Assisting Refugees and Asylum-Seekers in Malaysia: The Role of the UNHCR, Informal Mechanisms, and the 'Humanitarian Exception'

Jera Beah H. Lego 75
Contributors 101