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Call for paper
The Journal of Political Science and Sociology is a bi-annual, refereed academic journal issued by the Center of Governance for Civil Society with Comparative Perspective, Keio University. The Journal encourages the exploration of issues relating to governance for civil society, multiculturalism, public opinion and political attitudes. The principal language of the Journal is English, while other non-Japanese languages such as French or German are also accepted. The Journal seeks to promote academic and policy dialogues through the publication of citizen-oriented research works, and invites submissions for consideration from scholars within various social science disciplines. The editors particularly welcome submissions of original and innovative articles that link the established frameworks of political science, sociology or area studies with the research themes of the Center which focus on governance for civil society, public opinion and political identity.
Editorial Committee for Journal of Political Science and Sociology (Aug, 2008)
Ken Tsutsumibayashi
Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Katsuhiro Shoji
Yoshikazu Shiobara

Editorial Board

Gill Steel (University of Tokyo)
Masahiko Asano (Takushoku University)
Mustapha K. El Sayyid (Cairo University)
Chung Min Lee (Yonsei University)
John Lie (University of California, Berkeley)
Hiroshi Ishida (University of Tokyo)
Kumiko Haba (Hosei University)
Kohsaku Yoshino (Sophia University)
Neil McLynn (Oxford University)
Daniel A. Bell (Tsinghua University)
Toshiro Tanaka
Masao Okonogi
Hideki Watanabe
Masami Sekine
Yoshiaki Kobayashi
Ken Arisue
Yoshihisa Hagiwara
Shinji Yokote
Takeshi Kohno
Mikitaka Masuyama
Melissa Williams (University of Toronto)
Mark Warren (University of British Colombia)

Guidelines for manuscript submission
Researchers and doctoral students engaged in research fields pertaining to the Global COE programme 'Designing Governance for Civil Society'
2.Scope of the Journal
Scholarly research with a focus on the analysis of public perception, opinion and attitudes towards political and social problems
Non-Japanese languages, but principal language will be English.
4.Word limit
In case of European languages, the length of an article is set between 6,000 and 10,000 words, including an abstract (400 to 500 words written in English regardless of the language of the text), notes and references
issue submission deadline publication date
Winter/Spring issue 31 October 20 March
Summer issue 30 April 20 September
Final issue and deadline date changed:No.18 (Winter/Spring issue) will be the final issue of Journal of Political Science and Sociology. Due to this, the deadline for manuscript submission for No. 18 has been changed: Authors should submit their manuscripts no later than September 25, 2012.
6.Review process
Papers submitted for publication are read by reviewers who will assess their acceptability on a 'blind' basis (authors will remain anonymous to reviewers). Authors may be requested to make revisions where they are judged necessary.
7.Submission method
Manuscripts should be sent by email attachment to jpss* with Manuscript Submission Form (Please change to "@" from "*", when you send us an e-mail.). To keep the anonymity of authors, manuscripts must not contain any information that might reveal the identity of the authors including in abstract, acknowledgements, headers, footers, notes or in the reference list.
8.Contact/submission address:
Journal of Political Science and Sociology
Center of Governance for Civil Society (GCOE-CGCS)
Keio University
6th Floor, Mita Toho Building
3-1-7 Mita, Minato-ku
Tokyo 108-0073, Japan
Tel: +81 3 5427 1045 Fax: +81 3 5427 1046
Email: jpss* (Please change to "@" from "*", when you send us an e-mail.)

Ken Tsutsumibayashi , Editor-in-Chief
Katsuhiro Shoji, Yoshikazu Shiobara, Deputy Editor-in-Chief
Authors are responsible for correcting grammatical and typing errors during the period between the notification of outcome and the submission of the final version of their manuscripts. Editing at this stage should be limited to the correction of minor errors and no major revisions are permitted.
The preferred format is Microsoft Word.
11. Fonts
  • Text: Times New Roman, size 10.5 fonts
  • Title: Times New Roman, size 24 fonts
  • Name: Times New Roman, size 14 fonts
  • Paragraphs should be indented by four spaces.
12. Page settings
  • B5 size sheets, single spacing
  • Margins: top 25mm, bottom 27mm, left 22mm, right 22mm
  • Number of letters per line: 37 letters, space between letters: 10.55point
  • Number of lines per page: 40, space between lines: 14.5point
13. Hyphenation (For the Japanese version of MS Word only)
  • Go to 'tools' →'other editing tools' →'hyphenation'
  • Set the width at 4mm
14. Headings
Headings should be numbered as follows
  • First-level heading: I, II, III,...
  • Second-level heading: 1, 2, 3,...
  • Third-level heading: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3,...
15. Notes, figures and tables, and references
  • Notes should be endnotes (not footnotes) in size 10 fonts.
  • Figures and tables should be numbered consecutively (in gothic, 8 fonts, aligned on the left) and inserted at the upper part of the page. Type captions on the left side in size 8, gothic fonts.
  • References should be typed in size 10 fonts after the endnote, separated by two hard returns.
  • Citations in notes and bibliographic references should include author, title, publisher, and the year and place of publication (or in case of a journal article, author, title, journal title, volume number) and page numbers.
  • The citation of European language materials should be as follows:
  • The title of a monograph or a journal/newspaper should be italicized;
  • The title of paper should be placed in inverted commas.
  • E. H. Carr, The Twenty Years' Crisis, 1919-1939: Introduction to the Study of International Relations (London: Macmillan, 1946) pp. 27-40.
  • Richard N. Rosecrance, 'Bipolariy, Multipolarity, and the Future', Journal of Conflict Resolution, 10-3 (September 1996) pp. 303-320.
Example 2
When referring to the same material already cited, do not use op. cit. but a shortened version of the title. Ibid. may be used.
  • Carr, The Twenty Years' Crisis, pp. 49-53, Ibid., p. 102.
When using materials drawn from the Internet, quote the accurate URL of the web sites or pages and the date on which the material was accessed.
16. JPSS electronic journal
Contributors will agree to the publication of their contributions in electronic format.
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