Keio University Global COE Program
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The 2nd International Symposium for Young Research Fellows
Date: December 5 Fri, 2008
Venue: Seoul National University
Yoshiaki Kobayashi (Professor, Keio University)
Lee Seung Jong (Professor, Seoul National University)
Session1 (Faculty members)
Yoshiaki Kobayashi (Professor, Keio University) Electoral Behavior after the Political Reform
Lee, Seung Jong (Professor, Seoul National University)
Yoshihiro Katayama (Professor, Keio University) Decentralization Reform in Japan
Im, To Bin (Professor, Seoul National University)
Taro Ozawa (Professor, Keio University) E-democracy Re-examined: Some Implications from the Viewpoint of Public Choice
Kim, Chan Dong (Researcher, Seoul Development Institute)
Kazunori Kawamura (Associate Professor, Tohoku University) Reliance on the Local Government and Political Participation
Kwon, Huck Ju (Associate Professor, Seoul National University)
Hidenori Tsutsumi (Associate Professor, Kagawa University)
Change and continuity of relation between parties and electorates after the electoral system reform
Ilkyung Ra (Associate Professor, Chukyo University) A Comparative Research of Civil Society in Korea and Japan
Kim, Hye Jung (Assistant Professor, Sun Moon University)
Jongouck Kim (Assistant Professor, GCOE-CGCS, Keio University)
The Organization Norms of Bureaucrats in Local Government
Seo, Jae Ho (Assistant Professor, Pukyoug National University)
Session2 (Research students)
Chair: Yoon Kun (Ph.D. Candidate, Seoul National University)
Eijiro Fukui (Ph.D. Candidate, GCOE-CGCS RA, Keio University)
The Images of the EU in G8 Summit News: From the Perspective of the Perception Studies
Yuta Kamahara (Ph.D. Candidate, Keio University)
Why Do Some Civil Wars Break Out More Intensely than Others?
Yang Xue (Ph.D. Candidate, GCOE-CGCS RA, Keio University)
Intergenerational Support in Later Life in Urban China and Japan: Data Analysis of Case Studies Conducted in Shenyang and Yokohama
Session3 (Research students)
Chair: Yoon Kun (Ph.D. Candidate, Seoul National University)
Shunsuke Itoh (Ph.D. Candidate, Keio University)
Measuring Effects of Election Campaigns in Japan: Whom do they work for?
Jun Matsumoto (Ph.D. Candidate, GCOE-CGCS RA, Keio University)
Legislative Behavior in Campaign and Diet
Wonhyuk Cho (Seoul National University)
Social Spending and Economic Growth: A Cross-Country Study
Heesun Lee (Seoul National University)
Can Citizen Participants Improve the Ability to Solve the Urgent Problems?