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The 3rd International Symposium for Young Research Fellows
Date: March 23-26, 2009
Venue: Uppsala universitet
23 Monday
Sverker Gustavsson (Prof. Uppsala University)
From Westphalia to the European Union: The History of European Democracy and Statehood
Katarina Barrling Hermansson (Dr. Uppsala University)
And How about Rationality? Cultural Species in the Swedish Parliament
24 Tuesday
Jorgen Hermansson (Prof. Uppsala University)
Democratic State-Building: Lessons from Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union
Li Bennich-Bjorkman (Prof. Uppsala University)
Taming the People? On the Use of Constitutional Devices in a Majoritarian Democracy
25 Wednesday
Ai Ozawa (Ph.D. Candidate, Keio University)
UNHCR's Role of Coordinating International Perception of Refugee Crises: The Case of the Afghan Crisis
Yoshiko Hayami (Ph.D. Candidate, Keio University)
Thomas Mann's Political Thought in ihe Weimar Era: Methaphysics and Politics
Yohei Kawakami (CGCS Researcher (RA), Keio University)
Nature, Duration, and Theodicy: Political and Religious Thought of Joseph de Maistre in Du Pape
Makiko Ueda (Ph.D. Candidate, Keio University)
Hitoshi Ashida's View on the Soviet Union
Yuichiro Sakai (CGCS Researcher (RA), Keio University)
Civilization and Familism in Modern Japan: Focusing on Institutionalization Process of Marital norms
Chikako Endo (CGCS Researcher, Keio University)
Rights for Migrant Workers: Liberal and Non-liberal Perspectives
26 Thursday
Ludvig Beckman (Dr. Stockholm University)
Democratic Theory and the Problem of Inclusion